New Britain Adult Education 
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New Britain Adult Education New Britain Adult Education
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The challenges and possibilities frontiers of the 21st Century demands that adult learners be provided rigorous,

relevant, and holistic education. Therefore, our institution continues to position itself to enable students to:

~ participate in the workforce;

~ transition to higher education institutions;

~ obtain citizenship; and

~ more fully participate in the New Britain community, into


Faculty members are experienced, certified, and committed to life-long learning.  Please continue visiting our website.  If my office can be of assistance, feel free to let us know. 


Very Cordially,

Patsy V. Darity


New Britain Adult Education is in compliance with CT General Statutes Sec 10-71c. 
All mandated programs are free.  We do not charge a fee for any textbooks or materials used in the classroom.
The New Britain Adult Education Center 
183 Steele Street
New Britain, CT 06052